That room

The train of reform and opening up has been booming for more than 40 years. According to the track originally designated by the old man of Nanhai, it has carried the motherland to prosperity and distance.The country is the home, but it is no longer nestled in the rotten and leaky house of the last century.There are all kinds of things in the house, which are arranged in order. Some of the utensils, such as “medical insurance” and “social security”, are displayed from scratch. The house is clean and dazzling. Among them, the national student subsidy is added to the house, which gives the whole house more warmth and hope.

From a tiny corner of that house, I, like many other children, should have continued to follow the path of self-sufficiency of small-scale farmers that my ancestors had always been silent on. In the poverty and hardship of the mountain, I was unknown all my life. I was stubborn and unconvinced, but I had to bow to the reality. However, with the rapid development of our motherland and the state funding policy, there are no children who can’t afford to read any moreNo matter how remote and desolate the children come out of the corner, they will eventually have the vision to look out, overturn the ignorance, connect with the whole modern world, and gradually turn the dreams that once could only be outlined in dreams into reality.

I was born in a big family with grandparents, parents’ care, two elder brothers and one elder sister. I should have been happy and enjoyed my family. But when my grandparents were getting older, our four children went to college all the way. The burden of old people and small children bent their parents’ waist. Most of my life’s hard work and hidden savingsWhen the disease began to ravage their parents, the joy of “thriving” was often dissipated by their parents’ physical condition, and by the fact that they had to consider dropping out of school.In the face of these fears, our four brothers and sisters often fight secretly to prevent falling behind.Later, when their parents moved to Guangdong to work, this situation was alleviated slightly along with the burden of the family. However, it was only a delicate balance, too fragile to withstand any sudden accidents.If China is very careful, it will be a long time for the family to go on thin ice and wait for the uncertain turning point. But fortunately, I am in China, a country with a strong core of leadership by the Chinese Communist Party, and the party always appeals to the interests of the people. It has never forgotten the promise of happiness for the Chinese people, and the promise of the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation, which is based on the three step strategy and Xi Jinping.Under the guidance of the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, an unprecedented battle against poverty has been launched.There is no doubt that the battle of poverty alleviation for the 55.75 million rural poor has achieved remarkable results, but the feelings and agitation in the hearts of the people can be explained by more than these data.

In high school, my parents went out to work and subsidized the family, making ends meet. However, in case of some emergencies, they had to break the wall to make up for the wall or find relatives.High school nahui school began to have a support policy for students from poor families, so I fed back the real situation of my family, and immediately got the attention of the teachers, and the follow-up also got the strong help of the school.Since then, a lot of expenses have been saved in school, and the situation at home is not as serious as before. Apart from paying attention to and worrying about the health of grandparents and their parents, the fear of dropping out of school has finally eased, and they have been able to devote themselves to the complicated study of high school.I can’t remember how many starry nights and how much loneliness I endured silently. Finally, I was able to open my college career in Jiangzhong and continue my further study.Before me, the tuition of my elder brother and sister was already a problem. Although it was a public university, the tuition plus monthly living expenses was also a big burden, which once made my father squat at the door to smoke.When there is no way out, there is another village around the corner. This time, it is the state subsidy policy.The interest free loan policy for college students from poor families, which is launched by the state, makes us worry that we have to give up further education even though we have enough scores. Our parents are less guilty and worried when they look at us in the past.After entering Jiangzhong, the school opened a green channel for every child who applied for the loan. The meticulous care enabled us to pay the tuition fees quickly, and we didn’t feel inferior in the whole process.Shortly after entering the school, the school selected registered poor students in each class. At this juncture, I got the help of the school and the state again. I knew that no matter how many troops were willing to take the oath, it was too vague. I had to move forward silently, keep my original intention, study in a down-to-earth way, lay a solid professional foundation, and protect the lives and health of my compatriots with my own meager strength after I finished my studyJust like the heroes not to yield a step to the COVID-19 before the Chinese mainland.

In the middle of the river, which is a big part of the motherland house, I met people I had never met before. Different life experiences and different future prospects began to meet in the middle of the river. When I stepped out of the high school fence and exposed myself to the vast college life, I felt at a loss. My studies were not suitable for me, who was thinking in the way of high school learningLike junior high school and senior high school, I have had both peaks and bottoms, but I didn’t get down at the bottom. Instead, I struggled with myself secretly. On the one hand, I practiced in the school’s large community to break the solidified thinking of senior high school, learn to talk with others, communicate with each other’s ideas, and no longer be so introverted. At the same time, I grasped the remaining time to consolidate what I learned in the classroom and lay a solid professional foundation.Although the club life took up most of my energy, I also got what I wanted, squeezed into the core of the whole club organization, and got what I wanted, and my study didn’t lag too much. This is the road I need to take to make up for my shortcomings in high school, and I won’t be blocked by anything.

A lot of times, I will be afraid, I am afraid that I will lose my direction, slip into hate, sorry too many people’s expectations, can not shoulder the responsibility on my shoulders, whenever this time, I will empty myself, walk in the size of the corner of the campus, feel the peace, warn myself that if you want to continue the good, see the outside of the complex, you need to have more skills and courage.With the help of the country, I have the possibility and opportunity to concentrate on my studies. This opportunity is just at the right time. I should take advantage of the wind and hope for the future!The crow has the meaning of back feeding, the sheep has the grace of kneeling milk, and I still bear the responsibility on my shoulder, so that this gentle spread can continue. Now, it is far from the time to stop!

In this big room in China, I will forge ahead. One day, I will pick up bricks and tiles, build and repair this room — my home, my motherland!